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Mike Maloney: The Top 10 Reasons I Own Gold and Silver

via Mike Maloney and When the average investor thinks about gold, they may view it as an inflation hedge. Or maybe as crisis insurance. Or perhaps solely as a portfolio diversifier. These are all good reasons to own gold—but those are always good reasons to buy precious metals. Mike Maloney’s reasons to own gold and silver [...]

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Bank Crisis and Debt Explosion as Billionaires keep buying Gold and Silver

There have been a number of points of interest since our last newsletter which should give you a continued reason to add to your stack of silver and gold bullion. There are more billionaires and the only trillionaire in the world now  accumulating gold and silver in their portfolios. At the end of our seven points [...]

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World Economists Are Asking... Where Is The Global Growth Going To Come From?

The question is being asked by every Austrian economist that has written a blog in the last 60 days.Since 1971 when gold was removed from backing the world currency, the US dollar, all currencies worldwide are borrowed into existence and an interest rate is applied to that borrowed currency. If the GDP of that country [...]

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Silver Demand At Record Highs... But Prices Are At Record Lows

The last 10 years has seen an incredible increase in silver investment demand. Silver coins and bars will account for one third of total fabricated demand as against 6% in 2006. 2015 will be the third year in a row where a silver shortfall has occurred, which should be price supportive for the future and [...]

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