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As Good As Gold Australia launched mid 2013 trading in precious metals and bullion, initially, with a few close friends but quickly developed momentum with strong referral activity, into an energetic, robust, business operation.

The co-founders, two brothers, that had taken a two year break after having had a very successful 30 year stint in engineering and international marketing, were up and running, following their passion - Gold and Silver. This was a new and exciting business, yet it was not a new interest. Both brothers had been seriously committed silver investors since 1997, and had invested countless hours researching and investigating how the western world had got itself into a deplorable position of debt, based on a policy of deficit spending.

It was clear, that for the world to heal itself, it would have to restore its faith in world currencies by backing them with gold, as it had done for over 3000 years. They determined that silver was a far better option than any other precious metal because it was in incredibly high demand and yet so undervalued. A third member with exceptional IT qualifications was introduced to complete the online business formation. The partners at As Good As Gold Australia believe that we all need to engage in continually upgrading our monetary knowledge, as we attempt to educate our fellow man into understanding the global financial process that law makers investigate to control our standard of living and the quality of our very existence. To this cause, they are dedicated and in the process provide regular newsletters, 'The Silver Update'.

The growth since the inception of As Good As Gold Australia had been both exceptional, and yet humbling. From a starting point of marketing just the one silver coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf, As Good As Gold Australia now provides clients with an opportunity to source silver from many countries around the world.

These include the American Eagle, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, American Buffalo, Amernia Noah's Ark, Somalian Elephant, Mexican Libertad, Dove of Peace from the Holy Land Mint, the beautiful Britannia from Great Britain, and the highly collectible Panda from the Mint of the Chinese Republic. In addition, we have just recently acquired the agency for SMI (Sunshine Minting) in Australia, and are now in a position to supply all SMI products at a most competitive price. Our range also includes both gold and silver bars of different weights, the popular Australian coins and some quality gold and silver jewellery.

As Good As Gold Australia looks forward with anticipation to serving you and joining forces to help and educate as many people as they can on the benefits of holding real money. Regular monthly seminars held in Adelaide throughout 2014 provided the vehicle to support this education process. They have proven to be an outstanding success and plans have been instigated to expand the monetary education for those looking for simple, easy to digest answers to what previously seemed a complicated and confusing subject.

Seminar venues in both Melbourne and Brisbane in 2015 will support the expansion and growing demand for our products. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming seminars.

Stay Focused,
As Good As Gold Australia