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BUCKLE UP: It’s Going To Be A Wild And Chaotic 2021

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BUCKLE UP: It’s Going To Be A Wild And Chaotic 2021

A Swiss firm warned investors to buckle up today because it’s going to be a wild and chaotic 2021.

History Repeating Itself
January 13 (King World News) – Matthew Piepenburg at Matterhorn Asset Management: For anyone inside or outside of the U.S., it goes without saying that things are indeed heating up in the land of the free.

President Trump faces a second impeachment just days before the Biden administration is scheduled to take the keys to the White House in a transition of power that has been anything but orderly, as the recent march on the U.S. Capital made graphically clear.

Those seeking financial guidance, however, don’t need political commentary from market professionals or arm-chair sociologists.

Nevertheless, there are universal economic as well as historical paradigms (as to debt, rates, inflation fiat currencies etc.) and forces at play today that are both relevant and predictive to market action.

As someone with an office in Switzerland, I will therefore do my best to stay “neutral” in the left vs. right morass and focus instead on indicators and trends of which most of us can agree…

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