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Bill Holter – Gold Going to $100,000

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Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter says the biggest debt bubble in history is going to skyrocket the price of gold. If you divide the U.S. national debt by the amount of ounces the U.S. Treasury says it holds, you get an astounding “$100,000 per ounce price for gold.”

Holter says, “Get solar panels, generators or whatever. Put back some food. Expect the system to go down because, mathematically, it is going to go down. You also want to protect yourself financially by getting out of the system and become your own central bank. In other words, store your own savings. Don’t rely on your brokerage account. What happens when the markets don’t open? What happens when your brokerage goes out of business or goes bankrupt? Now, you are going to be tied up for three to five years. Just become as insulated as you can.”

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