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2023 Currency Collapse? Buy Gold & Silver Now!

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In February Dr Michael Burry & Professor Richard Werner warned that we were heading for hyperinflation in 2023.

Professor Werner is THE global expect on the banking system & was the person who termed the phrase Quantitative Easing or QE.

Professor Werner has recently given an update on that 2023 hyperinflation prediction which will shock you.

If we do see hyperinflation in 2023 that would mean gold & silver is on fire sale right now & today is the time to protect oneself from this future hyperinflation. Professor Werner tells us in this video how to best protect ourselves from the coming hyperinflation that he is now protecting.

My February video "Buy Gold & Silver Now!":

My video "Inflation Warning! What's Better Silver or Gold" with Professor Richard Werner interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth:

Full Werner Economics video: